ac cleaning 1unit 4500yen

Low price Okinawa air conditioner cleaning. 
Cleaning for 1 unit 4500 yen

Please experience the delicate cleaning by the Japanese staff.

Free transportation within Okinawa Prefecture

Plant-derived eco-cleansing is used, so children can rest assured.  No irritating odor.

The company name is [Okinawa air conditioner clean nekonote]

Free anti-mold coating with 100% natural aroma oil

Video of air conditioner cleaning👇

If the inside of the air conditioner is dirty and the dirty wind hits your face, it will cause rough skin.

Clean the air in your room.  Air conditioner cleaning is also important for health.  A high-performance air conditioner cleaning machine that cleans inside and out.

Email for inquiries and reservations👇

If you make a reservation, please let us know the number of units you would like air conditioning cleaning and the name of the town where you live.  Later, the work staff will email you the date and time that you can make a reservation.

Easy reservation from LINE app

After clicking to add a friend, please let us know the name of the town where you live, your e-mail address, and the number of cleaning units by LINE message.  We will email you the date and time that you can make a reservation later from the person in charge of regional work.
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Easy reservation from LINE👇

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